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We now do Java. Should do other languages too, although we hardcode "Java" and "C++" in some different places, so that needs to change. We generate java code for the object schema now, but since there is no "JavaXmlObjs", we don't use it yet. Also added delayed loading so that xtangle now works super fast if you want just one object tangled.

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Now builds on GCC 4.0 and latest Boost. That means it runs on Tiger (OS X) and the latest linux variants. Tangle supports generating an object and all it's descendants (the most useful option) by placing a "+" after the object name. It also supports generating the global files (Jam files or whatever) by using "." as the object name. By default, global files AREN'T rebuilt, which is the most useful option. There is a script to generate XSD files, and all XML files correctly provide the namespace now so that you can embed DocBook specific features in WEB's. With this, we support all those things that other XML based formats support.

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Added "web" and "webtangle" for implementations to more closely follow the original CWEB system designed and implemented by Donald Knuth. Rewrote type system using new "typeimpls" in each object to describe an implementation of a type. Also added generation of tests from an object and lot's of XSL fixes. Projects can now safely be defined outside the cppliterate folder. The system should be able to handle multiple programming languages now.

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