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Name Description
CVS CVS information. Script which will generate a list of all depracated items in a schema. Takes the path to the schema to process. A script which will generate a files.xml file inside a folder. It loops through all files and created the docbook file. You will need to edit the file created because all entries will contain "TBD". Takes the path to the folder to process. For a folder, convert the files.xml file into a DocBook file (places it in the docbook folder), and also create .html from this into docs. Takes the folder with the "files.xml" folder to process, and the root of the HTML output folder. Given a DocBook file, make .html out of it. Currently uses a simple XSL file called docbook.xsl, but they are read DocBook files. Takes the docbook XML file, and the output .html file. Script used to install a newly build tangle tool in a place that can be found on the command line. After this the command "tangle" exists which runs tangle on a schema. This generates all sourec code based on a tange_tool XML command file. Takes the command file to use for the tangle and the name of an object inside the schema to tangle. Script which will generate a list of all TBD items in a schema. Takes the path to the schema to process. Weave a single schema into documentation in DocBook and HTML format. If no arguments, then it will weave all the documentation for the entire system. This creates docbook entries next to all files.xml and schema and object files, and also HTML files in the doc directory. If the argument is a particular schema, then just the objects for that schema are weaved. If the second argument is the name of an object, just that object is weaved. If the third argument is the name of a method, just that method is weaved. Convert a schema into an XSD file. The files will be placed into docs/xsd. Tangle a single schema into source code. The first argument is the location of the "project" you would like to tangle inside. This folder needs to contain a "literate" folder with the file "tangle.xml" in it. The second argument is the name of the object to tangle. To tangle ALL objects, pass in "*". To tangle JUST the global files for a project (like makefiles, etc), pass in ".". To tangle a single object, pass in the name of that object. Follow the object name with a "+" to tangle the object and all it's descendants together.
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