enumfiledef : make_filename

Create a filename out of the path and name we are given. We use the path inside here and the extension on the end.

Any other method of any other object can call this method. This is called 'public' access.

The data-type returned is "pathtype"; The path to the file specified.

This method is contained in the object "enumfiledef".

The method takes the following arguments:

path : pathtype

Not sure.

fname : stringtype

Not sure.


The files "boost/filesystem/fstream.hpp" are included.

Create a filename using the filepath. We always normalize our paths to remove any wierd .. sequences.

	boost::filesystem::path filename;
	if (path.empty() || _filepath.is_complete())
		filename = _filepath;
		filename = path / _filepath;
	filename /= std::string(fname + _extension);
	return filename;

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