filedef : match

Match any object inside this file definition.

Any other method of any other object can call this method. This is called 'public' access.

The data-type returned is "booltype"; Returns true if match is successful.

This method is contained in the object "filedef".

The method takes the following arguments:

schema : Pointer to object

Not sure.

objname : stringtype

Not sure.


The files "schema/schema_object.hpp" and "tgl_list_parser.hpp" are included.

See if an object matches, ignoring those that we want to ignore.

	std::string oname = "";
	if (objname[objname.length()-1] == '+')
		oname = objname.substr(0, objname.length()-1);
		oname = objname;
	tgl_list_parser p;
	std::set<std::string> ignoreset;
	if (!p.parse_to_set(_ignoreobjects, &ignoreset))
		*_console << "Badly formed ignoreobjects list." << std::endl;
		return false;
	if (ignoreset.find(oname) != ignoreset.end())
		return false;
	return dynamic_cast<ph::tools::schema::schema_object *>(
		schema->findwithtype("object", oname)) != 0;

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