toolrun_tool : process

Do whatever the tool does. All tools override this method and then provide an implementation to do whatever they need to do. Typically they will process information and then output something to an output buffer.

Any other method of any other object can call this method. This is called 'public' access.

The data-type returned is "booltype"; Returns true if the function is successful.

This method is contained in the object "toolrun_tool".

The method takes the following arguments:

console : streamptrtype

A place to put errors or status information which is not meant to be part of the output.

output : streamptrtype

The output stream for this tool.

This method is overridden from an abstract method with the same signature found in the object @tool.



The files "../tool.hpp" and "iostream" are included.

Process all of the tools that are included.

	for (ph::xmlobj::xmlobj_typed_vector<tool>::iterator i=_tools.begin();
			i != _tools.end(); i++)
		if (!i->process(console, output))
			return false;
	return true;

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