Root object for all schema objects. It's class-name (used for any type of code generation) is "schema_obj".

The namespace within the parent namespace is "ph:tools:schema".

The object fits into the tree of objects in the following way. Click on other objects in to navigate to that object. Objects to the left of this object are superclasses, and objects listed below it derive from this one.

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Here are the enumerations that will be used:

e_access :

An enumeration of all access types. We give these names ids other than just "public", "private" and "protected" because they are keywords in C++, and likely other languages also.


A method with public access.


A method with private access.


A method with protected access.


This object contains members which hold data for the object. Following is a list of those members. The declaration of the member closely follows the UML conventions.

description : stringtype

The description.

templates : templatevectortype

Template objects used to create others.

tbd : stringtype

TBD's associated with this object.

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