A method on an object. Often called a "procedure" in some languages. Methods can be "called" in the language to produce some effect. It's class-name (used for any type of code generation) is "schema_method".

The object fits into the tree of objects in the following way. Click on other objects in to navigate to that object. Objects to the left of this object are superclasses, and objects listed below it derive from this one.

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Here are the enumerations that will be used:

e_inheritance :

An enumeration of all inheritance types.

e_scope :

An enumeration of all scope types.


A method that is concrete.


A method that is abstract.


A method that is overridden from an abstract method.


A method that can be overridden in a class.


A method that belongs as part of an object. This is often called an "instance" method.


A method that is global of all objects of this class. This is often called a "static" or a "class" method.


A method that is global to the library or application. This is often called a "static" method.


This object contains members which hold data for the object. Following is a list of those members. The declaration of the member closely follows the UML conventions.

access : Enumeration of e_access

The access level for this method.

inheritance : Enumeration of e_inheritance

The inheritance for this method.

scope : Enumeration of e_scope

The scope for this method.

readonly : booltype

This method does not modify any of the members of the object. This is called "const" in some languages.

returns : Typed object reference to @typename

The return type of the method

arguments : Typed object vector of @typename

All the arguments for the method.

includes : stringtype

Include files that are needed because of any of the arguments or return types. This is really only for obscure cases. We handle most of them.

implementations : Typed object vector of @implementation

The implementation(s) for this method.

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