An object in the schema. It's class-name (used for any type of code generation) is "schema_object".

The object fits into the tree of objects in the following way. Click on other objects in to navigate to that object. Objects to the left of this object are superclasses, and objects listed below it derive from this one.

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This object contains members which hold data for the object. Following is a list of those members. The declaration of the member closely follows the UML conventions.

classname : stringtype

The name of the "class" for the object during code generation. This name is also generally used as the filename that this obect will be generated into.

namespace : stringtype

The namespace that will be used by this object and all nested objects. The notation for namespaces is "x:y" which is a little different to languages like C++, so beware. If this object is already a child of another object with a namespace, then this namespace will be appended to the parents etc. So to collect a full namespace for an object, you need to walk through all parent objects appending namespaces as you go.

include : stringtype

The include for this class. Often this is not needed, but "includes" will use it if it's available. Only in C-like languages.

imp : stringtype

The import for this class. Often this is not needed, but "includes" will use it if it's available. For java like languages.

enumerations : Typed object vector of enumeration

All the enumerations used by members of an object.

typeimpls : Typed object vector of typeimpl

All the type implementations used by the object.

members : Typed object vector of @typename

All the members of an object.

constructors : Typed object vector of constructor

All the constructors of an object.

destruct : Typed object reference to destructor

The Destructor of an object.

methods : Typed object vector of method

All the methods of an object.

derived : Typed object vector of object

All the derived objects of an object.

tests : Typed object vector of test

All the tests of an object.


This object contains methods which can be called from other objects. Following is a list of those methods. The syntax of the method, it's arguments and return value follow closely the UML conventions.

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