XML Literate Programming Files

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Name Description
CVS CVS information.
Jamfile Actual Jamfile used to build everything. Simply includes other Subs.
Jamrules Jamrules is used by bjam to define custom rules for the entire project. This is currently empty.
bin Built files
boost-build.jam Jam file especially for Boost. Contains the location of boost folder.
docs Documentation in HTML format (generated from DocBook).
index.xml DocBook format index page.
libs Jam file locations for libs (generated by Tangle).
project-root.jam Jam file especially for Boost. Contains global boost module includes.
sbin Shell script programs (csh).
schema Object Schema sub project.
tgl A library for tangling (code generation).
test Unit tests.
tools Tools sub projects.
xml XML used in the system.
xsl XSL used in the system.
boost_1_31_0_local Boost version 1.31.0 files used in xmlliterate.
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